Thursday, August 23, 2007

Taking a walk on the mild side...

Wild Fin
368 New York Ave.
Huntington, NY 11743
( 631) 549-5757
Dined 8/19/2007
Reviewed 8/23/2007

After my last sucessful venture into Huntington Village, I decided to take another dining journey. This time, just across the street to Wild Fin, although this spot is anything but wild. Granted, I decided for an early Sunday dinner on a fairly dreary evening, but when I say that me and my guests were the only ones in the restaurant, I mean it. Something about empty restaurants gives me the impression that there's a secret about this place that I wasn't let in on. Regardless, the dining commenced...

The restaurant's ambiance is similar to that of Tom Schaudel's Coolfish; once a nice place but seems a tad run down. The lighting was harsh and not typical of the trendy atmosphere that many Huntington restaurants are known for.

Our server was very knowledgable about the dishes on the menu. He made very thought-out suggestions and was very convivial to my guests and I. For starters, go with the Portuguese style mussels with a spicy Andoullie sausage mixed into the broth giving a classing sauteéd mussels dish a much needed makeover. Stay away from the pan seared diver scallops which arrive unimaginative with a warm spinach salad that doens't truly compliment the mild elegance of the shellfish. For salads, I would recommend the hearts of romaine which come with a generous helping of buttermilk fried rock shrimp, prosciutto, and a delectable lime vinagrette dressing.

The entreés arrive plated generously with sprinklings of paprika (would have rathered Old Bay?. The Jambalaya is authenticly Creole and hearty - also with andoullie sausage and spicy broth. The pan-roasted Atlantic Salmon is not a hit, though. The black bean and corn risotto are an amorphous mush, and don't meld with the other flavors of the dish very well. Those flavors, mind you, that I still haven't figured out, since I don't believe it came with any of the promised key lime-maple emulsion which sounded particularly interesting.

The wine list is fair and moderately extensive. Overexterted into Italian and American Reds, which seems peculiar for a seafood restaurant.

Final assesment: Although the food is well-executed, it's time to appeal to a larger audience. The atmosphere of this "nice" seafood restaurant certainly turns a wild night...mild.

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